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With over 5+ years of Shopify Design & Development, and more than a decade in the Digital World building websites across all industries, we are equipped with the Knowledge & Experience to be whatever you need us to be – as a Leading UK Shopify Partner Agency, and eCommerce Specialists we have the background to cover both Design and Development, as well as offer ongoing support in Marketing and Maintenance too! At We Website Design we love what we do – so if you would like to give us a try, get in touch with any work lined up or projects on the go, and see what we can do!

Shopify Partner

Shopify Partner

Leading the UK Market for Shopify Agencies!

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Shopify Plus Partner

Esteemed Agency for Shopify Plus too!

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Shopify Developers

Experts with Design & Development, and Liquid Code Specialists.

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Shopify Pricing

A straightforward guide to Pricing for Shopify & our Services.

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Shopify Apps

Thousands of bolt-on additions in order to extend and improve your store.

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Free Shopify Themes are readily accessible from both Shopify themselves, and many sites across the web will offer some form of downloadable free theme. They are quick and easy, but offer nothing to set you apart.


These cheap themes come with basic features, easy-to-use and slightly better appearance than the free themes, to justify the cost, they are not designed for maximum potential but they are designed to give an appeal that free themes do not.


The Custom themes that are more expensive are feature-rich and much nicer to look at - they allow for better interactions and they set stores apart, and can drive more sales and traffic if they are optimised successfully.


A Bespoke Theme is unique to you and will stand you apart from other stores - it can also be packed with features and optimised to give you the best chance at success, driving more traffic and sales potential.

Shopify Themes Explained.

Themes for Shopify are for the most part 'sites in a box' - it comes ready-to-eat, instantly accessible and modifiable. There is no build time, all you have to do is populate it with your own products and content, and it's immediately ready to go live. There are plenty of free and cheap themes, though there are so many in use you no longer stand out - this is where Custom themes come in.
Custom themes are built by developers such as ourselves, either as purchasable products on the market to integrate in, but more expensive than the common themes, or they can be completely bespoke - unique to you, designed and developed under your supervision specifically and solely for your use.

Modified Shopify Themes in a box to something bespoke

We offer bespoke Shopify Themes or provide ad-hoc modifications to all of the self themes currently installed on your own Shopify Store.
As a Shopify Partner Plus we will fully customize your Shopify store to ensure you get the best ROI for your business.


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